About the client

Having worked with Save the Elephants over the past year and a half on a number of projects through Wild Communications, STE approached me to design a few prints which they wanted to display in their information centre in the research camp in Samburu National Reserve.

About the design work

Having worked with them on the layout and design of several reports, I was then approached by Frank Pope to come up with 7 large posters that they wanted to put up in their information centre. Their research camp was going to be visited by Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton (Clinton Global Initiative – CGI) and they needed visuals that would convey the situation in the field, the work that was being carried out by STE and the way in which it was helping to alleviate the poaching crisis. To say that I was excited was an understatement. It was all systems go for me and I managed to come up with posters that STE was very happy with and appreciative, some of which I have shown here.

Once this work was completed, STE then approached me to work on their website. They wanted a site that would encourage people to learn more about the plight of elephants and they wanted people to become aware of the problems of poaching. With this insight, I set about designing and creating their site. It is live now and their donations and web hits have increased 3-fold ever since.

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