About the client

Gilani Gourmet Ltd. is a chain of butcheries in Kenya that has been established since 2004. Riaz Gilani, is the son of Abdul Gilani who started the first of the chain of butcheries. The well-established company are known for their quality meat and pet food throughout the country.


About the design work

I was approached by Riaz Gilani as he wanted to rebrand his company. The first step that we focussed on was redesigning the logo. Riaz not only wanted to redesign the current logo but also wanted to create different logos for the four categories of foods they supply i.e. fish, pet food, beef biltong and ice.

As I had never embarked on such a large scale logo design project, it was a great learning experience for me as I got to know how to tie in certain elements in all 5 logos.

The logos have still not been finalised but I felt that it would be good to showcase the concepts that I came up with.

Once the logos have been finalised, the next process in the rebranding exercise will be to redesign the packaging of all the products. After that we will start the process of designing and developing a website.

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