About the client

Ocean Sole is a company that has been working on cleaning beaches and creating sources of income through various activities for people living near the ocean. Their core production is the recycling of flipflops that have been washed ashore which they turn into various items that are resold in markets.

About the design work

Julie Church approached me to design a flipflop hanger for her company, Ocean Sole. The idea behind this flipflop hanger was to educate the customers about how they would be helping in cleaning up the oceans. Julie wanted to convey a message on the flipflop hanger that would depict the work that Ocean Sole does and how it would benefit the customers and allow them to participate in such a wonderful initiative.

I have always wanted to work in conservation. It gives me a sense of purpose and I have always felt that my work is more meaningful that way. So when Julie approached me, I jumped on the chance to do this work for.

I came up with this design because I wanted the Ocean Sole logo and messages to stand out. For that, having a clean background was imperative. The process of conceptualizing and then going to the drawing board was quite lengthy but I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome and Julie was too.

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