About the client

Jagjiwan Hirji and Bros. Ltd is a company that is based here in Nairobi, Kenya, and has been established since 1949. The company specializes in blacksmiths work, mechanical work and are also engineers. Their client-base is extremely large and they have also done work for the Government of Kenya. I guess you could say I have another bias because this company was started by my Grandfather in 1949 and is currently run by my father and uncle.

About the design work

For the inauguration of a Shiv Temple that was being built in Nairobi (I have included more information about it separately in my portfolio), one of the outreach material that the Union wanted to distribute to the communities in Nairobi was a magazine. In this magazine, a lot of content about the temple, the people in the union and also companies that wanted to advertise their work was included.

My father asked me to design an advert for our company, Jagjiwan Hirji & Bros. Ltd, and this was the design I came up with.

I also then designed new business cards for my father and uncle to use whenever they met new clients.

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